Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog Name Change

Hey all,

Ok, so if you can read, the name of the blog has changed (if you can't, don't worry about it). I did this for a few reasons.

1) My initial attempt was irony. This clearly is not -- and never has been --the Greatest Blog Ever. It was completely ordinary. Of course I have opinions and I occasionally share them.
2) I have come to realize that my perspective is -- at least compared to a lot of people -- different. Here are the reasons:
a) I am a man
b) I am "black" (technically brown). Born in Ethiopia but Eritrean (which is why I left).
c) Spent 5 years in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (with a few months in Eritrea). One year in West Berlin. Two years in Italy. And the rest in Toronto, Canada (grew up in a poor neighbourhood with a lot of Jamaicans and such)
d) I have been Christian as long as I can remember (meaning I don't just go to church on Sundays, but actually believe the words in the bible)
e) I have a threating appearance, it seems, to those who don't know me (read: black, male, long hair)
f) I don't hold "conservative" values as a lot of self professed liberals view it (I would sooner vote NDP than Reform... i mean Conservative (which isn't to say I'm an NDPer, I'm not. I don't do party affiliations).
g) Some people (a few friends for instance) think I'm "smart". I disagree. I'm average, I just like to make a point of thinking about everything (some may consider this "smart", but again I would disagree, if anything this is "wise").

3) And finally it seems that everytime I tell people about my experiences (who aren't black guys and such) they get surprised. A perspective, it seems, not a lot of people know about.
4) It sounds more interesting.
5) I like being different.

Hope that clarified things. And you don't get too upset. If I get enough protests from my one reader, A. Nonymous, I might consider change it back. Once considered, I will proceed to do nothing about it. :) Maybe...


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