Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Spammer, Scammers & War

I write this in hopes of helping the was against spammers, scammers and the like.*  This one person, send me an email telling me that he needed to "make sure" no one was pulling a "fast one" over "us".  Oh, and I had family inheritance coming and it was important that I contact him privately.  He let that little detail slip out.  It was such a feeble attempt, I was tempted to just ignore it.

But then I realized that he gave me his real email address.  The one from Honk Kong (it's ending giving it away) and not from Italy like he claimed (.it for italy not ,hk).  So I thought I'd use his stupidity against him.  You see, everytime someone posts an email online, people find it and start spamming it.   Machines just crawl the internet and find anything that resembles an email address and start spamming like crazy. 

Then they sell it to other spammers and so on and so forth. 

So here goes:

It is my hope this works, though I'll never know.

Btw, if you need to put your address online, you should always write it out.  E.g. email dot address [at] host dot com.  This way the crawling machines which apparently look for the "@" symbol, wont find it.  Hence those emails above. :)

Have a good day spammer. :) He he he.

ሰላም  ዮሃንስ

*btw, why can't we wage war on these mutually hated things instead of other ridiculousness.


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