Sunday, October 11, 2009

the solution to a controversy

so, I've never really understood the scientific communities uproar over use of embryonic stem cells.  Besides the debatable ethical concerns, I always thought there were some real physiological ones.  Specifically, yes embryonic stem cells are the "most" undifferentiated (in layman's it means that they have the "best" potential to develop into "anything").  But their genetics was also going to be the problem.  They would face the same rejection issue as donated organs.  Different DNA does that.

The other thing I knew is that their are many other kinds of stem cells, placental stem cells (can easily be retreaved at birth with little time and cost), as well as various adult stem cells.  Finally, we have progress in this new development.

A jaw bone grown from adult stem cells.  A solution for all.

ሰላም  ዮሃንስ


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