Monday, February 01, 2010


People of Toronto complain about the tax hicks... so I looked it up.  This is easy to do with the help of google.  Essentially, you type the city name and then "property tax" that kind of thing.  Or you can just go here that lists (old, from previous year but still good for comparison) them all together.  Click here for 2008 rates (previous were 2006, but has this link imbedded)

So the results? (I'll only list the residential, for brevity)

Toronto 0.8547807%
Whitby 1.423870%
Pickering 1.392348%
Brampton 1.233258%

If you look at the list, you'll note that only Milton comes close.  What does this all mean?  So if you have a $400,000 house this is what you can expect to pay based on the above rate:

Toronto  $3 419.12
Mississauga 4 070.372
Whitby 5 695.48
Pickering 5 569.39
Brampton 4 933.03

A few points here.  Toronto is easily the cheapest, that much is obvious.  Of course $400K gets you a smaller place in T.O than in the other cities.  But what you miss in size of properties, you get in services.  Between the significantly better transit (you can actually take it and get somewhere), to close amenities and all sorts of things to do.  Oh --- let us not forget that the really expensive Police is is not funded by the province, federal governement or shared with other cities (like Mississauga).  And a provincial service of Welfare.  All in all, I'd say a better job than people give the city credit for.

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