Monday, August 29, 2005

The Article

Officer guilty of beating Somali man
Incident caught on videotape showed police officer striking man
Toronto police constable Roy Preston used “excessive force” when he punched a 22-year-old man in the face two years ago during a late-night fracas outside a west-end donut shop, an Ontario Court of Justice judge ruled today in finding the officer guilty of assault.
“I am very pleased for what happened here,” Said Jama Jama, the man who was punched, said this morning after Judge Peter Wilkie read his judgment in a Brampton courtroom.
“I’m glad that the judge believed my words…If I didn’t have the video, then things would be in a different situation.”
The videotaped beating occurred after a fight broke out in a parking lot.
Jama Jama, who was 21 at the time, said he was trying to break up the scuffle when police arrived.
An amateur videotape shot by Ottawa tourists showed Preston punching Jama Jama in the face without warning.
Jama Jama was initially charged with assaulting police and causing a disturbance, but those charges were later dropped after a Crown lawyer reviewed the video.
Jama Jama's lawyer had said his client could have been deported had he been convicted.<>With files from Canadian Press

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

amazing picture

Hey All,
Check out this amazing picture.   It's found on that wicked photoblog site...

Wild and breath taking ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On the Town Adventure

Well, she thought, since she was might as well check this place out. And so on she continued.

Stay tuned... for more.... (on this specific post to be added).

Adventures of a Nubian Princess Girl.

Heading Home

As the princess began to turn back, she hear a "grooff".

What a curious sound she thought. But afraid of dying, she didn't like to be too curious, she continued on, oblivious to the wonderful things she could have been experiencing if the reader had more sense in them. But they didn't. And off she walked out of any danger, risk, life and even fun shopping that was to be had at the town. Yup, no more...

It would be the end if the reader decided to perhaps change the decision. But as it is, nope.

That's right... boring life.

Yup, as the princess headed home, she didn't give one iota of thought to the things she could have had.

All the reader would have to do is just press the "back button" and choose the other choice... but that's not what happens.

Going home to mom and dad.

The End... you suck reader, you know that? Suck.

Friday, August 05, 2005

One Problem with Science

So I was reading this article, it was about the West Nile Virus and the fact that it is now in the Toronto area.   Anyway it talked about how effective precautionary measures are ( read full article here).   So the beginning of the article reads:

"Ever wonder whether dousing yourself with mosquito repellent, donning a shroud of clothing or staying indoors after dusk really will prevent West Nile infection? Well, now there's proof such measures actually do work. In fact, a study to be published next month suggests that using even two of the recommended mosquito-busting safeguards can chop the risk of contracting West Nile virus in half. "There's always been the public health messaging about West Nile and about using protective behaviour, but no one's ever quantified it," said lead author Dr. Mark Loeb, an infectious disease specialist at McMaster University. "The messaging is correct . . . this is not just common sense, but it's evidence-based," Loeb said Thursday from Hamilton. "You will actually substantially reduce your risk of becoming infected with West Nile if you use these personal protective behaviours.""

Am I the only one that sees the stupidity of the statement that "[its] just commoen sense, but it's evidence-based."?   I think some in the science world, who are so arrogant as to thing that if science doesn't prove it, it can't mean something.  
E.g.It's common sense that one should built a house on the edge of a cliff that has had a tendency to randomly collapse.   Just because it "hasn't been proved scientifically" doesn't mean one can't come to a conclusion.   Anyway see you all.
The Author

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

nice blog

You know the original blog here was writting quite a while a go. Since then I have actually written about the topic of this original blog (i.e. photoblogs). So instead I offer something perhaps better... this link is for a comic artist by the name of Matt (read his bio here). Matt is up for the Eisner for best Digital Comic this year. The Eisner Awards are the Oscar of comic awards. So suffice it to say it's a big deal. I don't know enough to be able to comment on this, and what it would mean, but this particular award is new this year. How do I know about all this, you may ask (but probably didn't give it a lick of though), well, Matt was my roomate (or I guess "housemate" would be more "accurate") until fairly recently. Enjoy the site
The Fan