Friday, October 28, 2005

Today & All

Hi All to the pretty ladies,

Selaminator here. That's right... I'm killin'em here ... anytoote...

I was sitting here thinking, and it occured to me that I wanted to tell a story. Do you guys want to hear a story? Yeah? Well, you might have to go someplace else. Now if you want to read a story, stay tuned.

Once upon a time there lived a reaaaaally pretty princess. She had beautiful dreadlocks just passed her shoulders (twisted it herself you know). Her smile was so big and white that she was often approached to do toothpaste adds -- which she would turn down, because she was opposed to advertisements on principle (she was a very principled person... at least she tried to be). Her smile would often bring out the beautiful chocolate of her skin. It looked so rich you'd swear that it was the best tasting chocolate in town. The easy laugh that seem to always be on her lips seem to bring out her very pleasant personality. Lovely. A word that didn't quite seem to describe her. Gorgeous. A word that although seemed to hope to describe her beauty did nothing for the rest of her. DAaaaaamn!!! Yeah. That it.

Well, you can imagine what this kind of thing would do to someone who saw her. She generally wasn't allowed to walk near any roads. Fortunatly, being a princess, her dad had a lot of power (or so he thought, but really, who are we kidding here, everyone else in the kingdom knew that if you wanted to do anything, stay alive, get ahead in life, pee, you had to get the Queen's approval). So often the roads would be clear for her presence. This kept her safe (and everyone else really, especially if they were operating any heavy machinery... did I mention about the incident in the knife making factory? Anyway, her life was, as a result, lonely. How could she bump into cute guys who might try to hit on her if she could never bump into anyone at all. I mean, what if she is sitting on the patio of a nice Japanese restaurant... how could a cute black guy ask her of her availability. It's not that she would say yes, it's just nice to be asked you know? And why were men so insensitive? Her life was miserable. Why? Because men couldn't seem to control their hormones or reactions enough.

Anyway, one day as she was walking around in the shop area (closing all the business, which the owners, while cleaning their own drool later and labelling anything she touch for sale later, didn't seem to appreciate so much) she saw the oddest site. A man walking towards her who didn't seem to be in awe. Gay, she thought. As he got closer, she could tell that despite the shiny glow of his bald black head, he was rather cute. He was talking to some guy named Mark. But just as she was about to pass him, he paused him front of her.

"Wow." he exclaimed "You are really cute."

Definatly gay she thought.

"I mean, cute may not be quite the words for it... gorgeous? Awesome? Radical? You are taking the words right out of my mouth. I don't know what to say really. I mean, I'm soo speechless. Why if I wasn't a red-blooded brit... well I don't know what I would do, but I would do something. Can I call you sometime? I mean just as a friend... cause you know, I have a partner... Marcy wouldn't be too happy. But we would be just friends, cause that is the way it's best anyway. Wow you are pretty... wow... I'm so speechless...."

She wanted to slap him. The urge hit her...


It seemed that the urge hit her (female) bodyguard sooner.

"Wow! That really hurt... I mean, you took the words right out of my mouth... I don't know what to say. You know if you weren't a girl I would... well there are a lot of things I would to you. Some of the things I can't say here, this is a family blog. Why did you have to hit so hard? If I didn't like your boss, I don't know what I would do. Why....."

"I think we're alone now." sang the princess as she hit the guy with her very sturdy laptop, Maggie. "There doesn't seem to be anyone arooooound, " continue the wonderful daylight glory. Finishing ackwardly with "except for my body guards."

Suddenly in a better mood (the kind of mood that one gets when the get a good shot in to the person that is really bugging them with a laptop named Maggie), the princess thought of what her next course of action was....

Choose your own adventure....

She continues on down the street. Click here

Or she decides to head home. Click here.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Japanese Black Face...

My friend was considering going into the JET program. It's a program to help those in Japan to teach english settle down and take care of various details. Anyway, they, of course, have a website. In one particular page you have one of the wierdest things I've seen in a while. Click the following link...

Then click on "CLAIR Workshops", then finally on the "Life as a JET of African Descent" (it's a PDF, so you need a PDF viewer of somekind... though not necessarily only adobe).
I've never hear of Japanese blackface -- but for your viewing enjoyment, here it is.

The Author

P.S. Did you guys know I was as cool as Sammy Davis Jr.?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ants & Show

Hey All,
I recently saw on one of the google engineers blog that Google earth (which is some kind of windows program --- btw, the tendency of windows preferences in google is starting to get frustrating-- but that is another blog) and this website Antweb is collaborating. This interested me. Mostly because ants are my favorite insect, and my favorite animal to watch and learn about. I would love to just read and watch ants do there thing. I don't know if it was the fact that I've been attack by ants twice in my life (I remember only one time when I was 3 or 4 -- the other one my mom just mentioned it, but I have no details on it, maybe I'll ask). But either way they just fascinate me. So check out this site, and if you have windows and are interested, download Google earth. You can check out the ants found in your neighbourhood. Or check out what some place in the world have for ants. The site is and the download part can be found by a link mentioning it on their front page. The other interesting thing is that this site was so impressed with Google's help that they named a new ants species after the company.

The other piece of news is that Rosa Parks died yesterday. She was 92. Check out the article here... (registration usually required, but for now I'm using my link/registration to let you guys in -- but know that this link will eventually be dead). If you don't know anything about the Montgomery Bus boycott, which lasted over a year... you should look it up. A truly affective piece of work. A lot of people could stand to learn from it. Well take care guys.

The Author

Friday, October 21, 2005

photosharing site

For the very few who check this puppy out (i.e. the blog) ... i have
one more thing you guys can check. It the photosharing site that I
use to upload my pics to this very blog. I also have ... or I should
say, hope to have some pics there that I wont here. Since that is
the main function. Here you get my thoughts (when I put stuff down).
Anyway... hope that is cool... i have been ignoring this blog for
the past little while. I have a good reason... i think... but I
figure I'll spare you guys the trouble.

Speaking -- ok not really -- of shows, my roomate tells me that one of
his friends (one of my housemates is an actor)/ co-workers used to be
on "You can't do that on Television". He was Adam Reid. Google
it... you'll see what I mean. Anyway, I clearly remember him. I
used to love that show. I was reading the Wikipedia and it said that
is was the first post-modern kids show. :) Kidda funny I just
thought. If you have never seen that show... poor
man/woman/boy/girl. I truely pity you. Maybe figure out someway of
renting the sucker. It's worth the time, let me tell you.
Hopefully I'll be able to get you guys the proper link soon enough.
But for now, I'll sign off.

Los Atorito...os...

p.s. opps... here's the photosharing website link ....

Easy huh?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Funny Study Comic

Funny Study Comic
Originally uploaded by Mehretube.

Hey All,

I saw this on Foxtrot and thought it was appropriate on how a lot of people

(read me and a few people I know :) study... check it out

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