Tuesday, April 25, 2006


You know what just occurred to me?

I was reading a blog, and it's title was "Solution to Homelessness". My first thought was, there is no solution. I was thinking about all the conversations I've had with various homeless folks. Some simply don't want to have responsibility. They like the lifestyle. ---As a quick aside, I have heard some people (not homeless) tell me that they only say that cause they don't seem to have other options. Or they want to give the impression of control (I don't need help, I'm in control, I choose to be here)--- Well, she states simply, the solution is simple... homes.

But just as I read that, it dawned on me that in Eritrea, and many other very very poor places there are no "homeless" people per say (or the very least very very few). This is mostly because a lot are already very poor, and a lot can build (or attempt to in a very haphazard way) their own home. Everyone has a place... it's just crappy.

It gets me to think... there is a solution in that somehow.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Religion & IQ

I was reading the Dilbert.com blog (which I like because of Scott Adam's humour). Anyway, he was talking about how the more educated one person got the less likely they were to ge "religious" (actually this also applied to intelligence as well). There were various studies/articles quoted. One of which Scott himself provided. At first I was tempted to refute this whole thing. The implication is pretty clear. The more intelligent you are the less likely you are to believe is something like that (you know, ridiculous). But a scripture came to mind. God uses the foolish to confound the wise (I also put this into the comment section).

But on further thought, it dawned on me two things. One the way we currently measure "intelligence" was both arbitrary and biased, and relative. That is being smart is not an absolute thing you are but, a relative to the population. If society gets "smarter" and you don't, it could mean you could now be stupid where before you were "smart". It isn't an absolute measure. Second that the "dumb" or even "average" understand their true state... that is they dont' know a whole lot. The main problem that one can run into whe one is "smart" is conceit, arrogance.

The average "smart" person isn't anywhere near as smart as they think they are. The "average" or "dumb" person would be more likely to understand they don't know. Essentially, they are more honest, and humble. One example I understand this with is medicine. A lot of horrible things were done to a lot of people because of certains beliefs that if fact they knew all they needed to . E.g. giving drugs without really understanding how it's long term affects will turn out.

Indeed, my experience has been that "intelligent" people are some of the dumbest people I've encountered.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Heartbreak, Leafs & Senators

It seemed almost poetic.

The Senators were hoping against hope that they could return the favour the Leafs had paid them the last four meeting in the playoffs. Who better to kill the playoff hopes of the Leafs then the team that hates them the most?

Just like every other season the Senators had dominated the Leafs in the regular season. This year it wasn't even close: they beat them 7 times with a combined score about 40-14 or so. They handed their butts back to them in pretty little bows. This year -everyone seemed to be saying - there is no way that the Sens would lose to the Leafs in the playoffs. Many were thinking that they might even win Lord Stanley's Cup. Something the Leafs haven't done in one million years. Unlike other years, the Sens were not only faster (they have always been faster), younger (ditto for this) but this time they wouldn't be dominated physically. The Sens were much bigger than the Leafs. The only edge that the Leafs had in the past was gone. How could a slower, less skilled, smaller Leafs team hope to beat the Sens in the playoffs? Indeed, even my constant belief in the ability of the Leafs to beat the Sens in the playoffs was doubting the Leafs chances. Well... not anymore.

You see the Sens really did want to send the Leafs home. Make no mistake, the Sens were really trying. This was not a meaningless game at the end of the regular season. This was payback. They had the confidence from this past season - of course they could be them.

Final Score:
Leaf 5 -Senators 1


Guess who would likely play the Sens in the first round of the playoffs. That's right... the Leaf Nation.

But then came a man - the reigning MVP - who ended that thought (with 11 seconds to go in OT, none the less). Senator State breathed a sigh of relief. No first round elimation this year at the hands of the Leafs.

Mark my words, if they had played, the Sens wouldn't have seen past the first round. I am beginning to think that the Leafs are more in the Sens heads then even I imagined. I think at no time in history is this more so then tonight.

Senators fans, we still own you. Until you beat the Leafs in a meaningful game/series, this will always be the case. But enjoy the playoffs, at least you got there. That's more than I could say about the Leafs.

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