Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

I planted four ivys today...  yay me!

We got Vince!

So we finally get to beat him... many are describing this playoff series as a kind of defining moment.   I agree... but it has nothing to do with getting rid of his legacy.   You see Toronto is a hockey town.   And frankly I can't see that changing anytime soon.   I don't mind.   Although I'm not a huge hockey fan, I like the Leafs.   I would love for them to win Lord Stanley's Cup.   My problem is people apathy for basketball in general.   I hate when a regular season meeting between the two worst hockey clubs, in a meaningless game gets more coverage than the two best basketball teams (with a history against each other, and they meet in the conference final... did I mention that the two stars of these respective teams are the two favored for the MVP...) facing each other... going into double (DOUBLE!!!) overtime... in what is most certainly going to be a playoff preview.  

Sorry for the run-on sentence.

Anyway, I was hoping that the Leafs wouldn't make the playoffs.   Frankly what is the point of going in there to lose in the first round?   They need to rebuild.   The only sentimental thing is that I hope that Mats Sundin wins a cup as a Leaf.   I thought with the Raptors going well, and the Leafs out (I hoped) I figured that this will give them more coverage.   Seeing the standings I also saw earlier than most that we were going to face Mr. Carter.   Until today I was just hoping to get the easiest opponents (not the Nets) and move to the second round.   But I see something different now... hope. 

Specifically I see that this series especially if it goes seven games with the Raps winning, could do a lot for that coverage.   The raptor fan in me, want a quick 5 game victory ... the ball fan in me though know drag out, knock out fight would be best.   Maybe going seven games, with all of them decided in OT.  

But I know that wont happen.   Raps in 6.  

(Win game two, lose three, win four, five and six)

ሰላም  ዮሃንስ