Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quote of the day! ... I mean Quote of the day.

So I'm hanging with my friend, and she has on a red outfit. I had her, her own red phone and ask her to hold it. And started to sing "Woman in Red." So she says to me...

"You're weird... but I'm hugging a kettle."

Why was she hugging a kettle? Well... that's a mystery that may not be solved.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Struggling through...

I know that we all go through times where we are struggling. Today, during the sermon (which was on Psalm 23) I heard about what the valley is/can be. In terms of sheep and sheperding, the valley is often where one not only found good water (important in a dry place in which Kind David lived), but one needed to go through them in order to reach the ideal places where the sheep could feed (apparently known in sheparding terms as the 'table'). Well, they teach us a lot about ourselves, others and who or what we can depend on. Well, the reason I'm writing this cause a friend of mine is currently really struggling in her last few days of school. It remind me of a time when I was struggling with school... specifically during my Christmas exams.

I rememeber having lots of time to study for my botany course, but there was one big problem... i could get my self to literally pick up a book. It's not that I didn't know what to do, what I should study, or that I was worried about what it would mean to fail, or even that I was in it of itself worried what the test might be/do ... it's was simply a matter of I couldn't will myself to pick up a book to study. I wanted to though, that's the contradiction... it wasn't that I didn't care. Believe me, I cared... which is why I was stressing, cause although I WANTED to study, I didn't have the will power to even glance at my notes. What was I doing instead? Sitting at my desk, trying to will myself to pick up a book. I was soo despirate that I cried out to God... up until that moment, I had been a big believer that if you had determination you could do anything.

Sure, I thought, it would be better to do it with God, but it wasn't necessary. I mean, look at all the non-Christians that are amazingly successful. Clearly, I thought, that you didn't need to acknowledge God (or get his direct immediate help... and by that I mean that God had given us gifts, so although God can help us with the application of those gifts, we could still use it otherwise) to be successful.

Boy did that time of struggle break me of that.

I realized that simply because non-Christians didn't acknowledge God doesn't mean he hadn't gifted them even with their basic desires (which I suddenly understood to be a God given gift... perhaps the most profound/strongest). In other words, without God, no one person can do a thing. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not a thing. Absolutely, positively negative. Big fat donut. But... I had to come to the end of my rope, until I had no choice left BUT to trust in God, before I really really trusted him. It wasn't something I could do on my own.

So I hope my friend reads this and understands that I do know what she is going through. That if she is ever at the end of her rope, when there is nothing and no one left to trust or hope for/in... that God is able. I learned that. I hope, all of you that read this, do too. Especially you... troubled one. :)

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Discovery Blog Introduced

Hey Everyone,
I originally wrote this blog on March 11th. As you can see, it's not March 11th when I brought this out. But it's taken quite a bit of time. Between computer problems and finding the appropriate material to make this blog good, it was a slow process. I don't know if the next one is going to be as elaborate... but it will at least be more purposeful. So here is the blog as I have done it.

I thought I would do something different today. I thought that I would try a discovery blog. What is a discovery blog you ask? Good question.

Well, a discovery blog is one where a good portion of the blog entry is a link somewhere. A story if you will. And as you read the blogs, and occasionally click the links, you perhaps see a page one hasn't seen before... or ... have fun in the exploration. This is a starter one, enjoy. For those that have comments, feel free to let me know what you think about this idea of mine.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

New Job

Hey Everybody,
Well it's been a while since I last wrote. Sorry about that... but man have I been busy with work. Can you believe it? Let me sidetrack for a moment. I was at the Province wide sleep rounds (which, incidentally was about sleep in kids and adolescents, very interesting ... and I'm pretty sure that at least part of it would interest most people, but anyway...), when at the end of it I was by the exit door putting on my coat and bag when I noticed this lady handing out something to everyone leaving. She looked like a salesperson (I know when I see one having been one myself, selling Kirby vacuums you know... yes, I was a door to door vacuum salesman) . So as she ignored me and kept handing out flyers of some kind, I wondered if she was going to give me one. I don't think it was that I was a little younger than most (I'm 27 turning 28 next month.... man I'm getting old... but hardly a baby), though I'm sure that was a part of it. I do look like I"m in my mid twenties. But I think cause also I'm black, you know I look very urban. That is not how I would describe all the other people in the room. So, that's not really my story, the story is that after some moments in front of her (I guess realizing that almost all the people in that room work in a sleep lab) she asked me if I also worked in a sleep lab. I answered:

"Yeah, I'm a sleep tech."

And it hit me... I'm a sleep tech. This is not a dream I have, but reality. I was just thankful to God for it. I know there were times where I thought I would never become one. It felt like the first time I really kissed a girl (that is, not out of a dare, or game)... I remember thinking ...

"Wow. I'm really kissing a girl."

Of course, it wasn't quite as exciting, but you get the idea. Incidentally, the fact that the saleslady almost ignored me (despite the fact I happen to be around her longer than the other people she handed stuff out to), and was to be frank biased, didn't in the least bother me. Although like most examples of such things ( like why was I the only person who she felt the need to ask if I was in that field, when clearly she wasn't making the distinction with anyone else), there are interesting to note. I will say that I'm not saying there were all white folks there. There quite a few Asians (both of the east Indian and oriental kinds) present for those meetings. Anyway, I'm sure that wont be the last time that will happen. Dad always warned me against looking too urban (I'm putting his advice into my words), but I would rather see that every now and again. I figure that next time someone who is either black or urban or both comes in, she wont assume that he may not be this or that. Plus I like to throw people off of there first impression as much as possible. I figure that the more wrong your first impression is, the less likely you will rely on it... one big BIG caveat to that... the person needs to know that their first impression was wrong. Otherwise your time is wasted. Anyway, enough for one day. See y'all, as the Americans would say.

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