Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crazy Dude

So I was watching the news some time ago, when I saw this on CityTV (a local TV station).   Silverman (the reporter) is a guy that goes around trying to help people that have been ripped off, taken advantage of by landlords, businesses etc.   Anyway, this Optician has been accused of selling fake brandname stuff, not giving people their glasses after they paid for it, etc.   So after 4 part series about the guy (Where at one point he tells the reporter to talk to his lawyer if he wants to talk) the guy calls Silverman saying something like "I've been born again, and so I wanted to invite you to speak to me anytime about whatever" (I'm paraphrasing here).  Most of this stuff is found in the following link (all the back story).   Anyway, the video that you will see right away, is when Silverman is taking him up on the offer, i.e. about to enter his store to talk to the Optician.

The crazy part is he invites the guy, who is a reporter (he knows this) and when there is a camera there (in fact he even threatens the camera man).

The worst part... I was about to go back to him, cause I recently bought my "designer" glasses from him not to long ago.  Sigh, I thought the quality seemed sketchy.

The amazed author.