Thursday, November 10, 2005

2002 Cross Country Championships

2002 Cross Country Championships
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Check out this picture I loaded using my "new" mac. More on that later. But it is immediately after the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Cross Country Championships in Sherbrooke Quebec in mid November. It had been snowing in the race (that's why we are wet), and we were just getting dressed when the camera went 'click'. Also notice the length of my hair then, it was a few months after my hair cut. My only hair cut in the last nine years. This picture took place after the cold was really starting to sink into the bones, as the heat of the race was wearing off.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some Blog changes

Hi All,
I changed a couple of things on the blog. Both deal with the comment section. One is that comments now come up in pop-up window. I have to check it out. But if you have a blocker, you may need ot give this site permission for pop-ups. If you have Internet Explorer though, don't worry, pop-ups are going to happen anyway. :) The other is a spam comment checker. Meaning that spam machines can't leave comments on this blog anymore. But it does mean that nowyou all will have to verify that you are human. Personally I really really hate spam. I know quite a few people who really really hate advertising in generally. I don't enjoy them, but I understand that they do help pay for a lot of things. Spam is a different beast. It doesn't add a single thing with the exception of annoyance, irritation, wasted time and resources. It is a leech on all things electronic. I urge all those out there, don't ever even click on spam. The only reason it continues, is because it's cheap, and even if 0.1% of the people respond, it still is profitable. Sending comments and emails to thousands is free. But if everyone stopped even clicking on the spam, a matter of principle, getting a responce rate of zero. Then spammer would stop wasting their time with something that will never work. So spread the word, encourage everyone you know. Then if more and more people do this, spammer will do it less and less. The power lays with the people. It always does. We just have to unite. If you hate spam, then that is something we all can do.

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