Tuesday, March 22, 2005

God is Good!

Hey everybody,
This is my third try at this blog... it seems that I may not get a chance to finish it at the rate that I'm going. You see, when you have a computer from 1996 even Linux can crash.

Well, I (as suspected) didn't get into grad school for this coming September. It looks like I'm going to have to do it the long way around... God has something better in mind.


After many prayers from the church, I went to an interview. Half way into the interview (which I wsn't 'prepped' for... I forgot my notes), I realized that I was going to get a chance (or at the very least with another sleep lab). To top it off, he recognized me from the Sleep Rounds*. He (the doctor who runs the sleep lab and was doing the interview) runs those same Sleep Rounds. God is amazing no? I barely talked during the whole time, he mostly spoke (who need notes?). :)

And yesterday at church a guy who comes out, prayed for his psychosis. He said that he hadn't taken the usual drugs for it (I'm not sure whether he ment just that morning or in general). He said that during his prayer time, as he prayed for God to help him with his psychosis, he said 40% of it went away in 3 seconds! God is Good! You should have seen him. He barely knows much about the bible (he is still new to it and learning), but there he ws telling someone else (with conviction) that God can help. He knew God personally... Is God not awesome? I think so.

I have to say, to my friend who pushed me to make those calls to various labs (you know who you are), thank you. Very much. I wish more people knew how encouraging you are.

I'm going to bounce now, see you all.

The Author

*Sleep Rounds are seminars for sleep doctors and others in the field, that are held regularly to talk about various topics in the sleep field. They are held to keep everyone updated and educated.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A cool Blog entry

I happen to click on my own profile (which seems to me different that all the other blogs on this blogspot.com thing... anyway... I clicked on the "Gospel" of the favorite music that I put. It showed all the bloggers that also had that as one of their preferences. One blog I came upon had a blog entry called "What I deserve...". I don't know about the 'deserve' bit... but that is the kinda guy I wanna be.

The Author

Friday, March 11, 2005

Cousin & Grandpa

A silly picture of my cousin hidding behind my granddad... I think this is the only picture of my grandfather smiling. Which is why I like it. [May 2003] Posted by Hello

Old Lady in the Dark

Same village (my dad & grandpa's old one) as the other pictures... this old woman was sitting inside with the light coming from behind her. I didn't know how it would turn out, but once I took it, I loved the picture.[May 2003] Posted by Hello

In the Village

Some kids who were fascinated with our cameras... although they definatly were much much much more fascinated that I had braided hair... that is the equivalent of wearing a short tight skirt in Toronto... something that only women would even think to do. Of course, I had to remind quite a few people that one famous leader/emporer had braided hair a century ago. How times change.[May 2003] Posted by Hello

HIll Climbing II

Still going up the hill to the view [May 2003] Posted by Hello

Hill Climbing I

Us going up to the view... our guide, followed by my dad and grandpa (who walks 10 km a day... dressed like that). [May 2003] Posted by Hello

Oh! Well!

This is the well, that my step-uncle (the one is in white) dug with his brother. This is in the middle of the desert... and he found it using, believe this or not, a rod hanging at the end of a string. The well is 41.5 metres... so you know they had to reaaaaaally believe it to committe to digging that much before they found any water. Incredible I think. I also think this picture is one of the better ones. [May 2003]Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An Amazing Blog!

Hey for any readers out there (both those that came here cause you
wanted to and those here randomly), check out my former roomate's

I know I know. You have come to the Greatest Blog Ever, because you
felt that you wouldn't have any need to go elsewhere. But this blog
hasn't quite been everywhere (I know this may be a shock to some), for
example Guatemala.

Sooo, if want to read about travels in Guatemala, and maybe see
pictures, when he sets himself in order, then check his blog out.


And you know, I have to say (I haven't yet asked him this), that if
someone has taken your name for something (e.g. email, blog
whatever)... I would think that one should try a different name (e.g.
first and last name, nickname, intials etc... which isn't to say that
you didn't Levi, so don't hate me.) rather than the name and a
sequencial number. I say this cause I seen a few things like that.
One in particular was a license plate with "Mac27" on it. I had to
think that if 26 other guys had gotten the same license, that he
should get some other license. Why would someone wanna be the 27th
Mac? That was my little rant... see ya all.

The Author