Monday, June 27, 2005

Quote of the day

My friend has some amazing quotes...

"I need both of my hands to nap."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Email interraction & Interesting Topic

Hey x,
Here's an interesting article about photoblogging in T.O ... tell mewhat you think. Specifically check out this blog... i haven't really checked much of it out, but on the surface it looks good.

the article is here...

--actually as you read the article, I was exploring, and check this one site out... one of those true photoblogs.

but as I was reading it, it had this specific blog, which you should read specifically. You'll see why once you see it/read it.


(btw, I know the two guys on the far right of the third picture down)which then lead to this site....

and cool link surf no? and very relevant. I hope you enjoyed your journey today

--oh oh --- check out the blog the 'day before' the one from the photoblog (dated sat. june 4th)

So I finally finished reading the star article, it is veryinteresting. I hope you enjoy it all. Maybe add it to your manylinks of blogs. Have a great day.

P.S. Would you mind if I posted this email on my blog as is? Let me know.
P.P.S. Maybe even you responce if you got any... sans nome of course
P.P.P.S. As I think about it, it will probably have to be changed alittle bit, since the link I gave you for the article will not beavailable indefinatly... but aside from that as is...

On 6/10/05, x wrote:
That is so cool - and coincidental! The bike in front of my building is gone now by the way and the "day before" is the drake thing that I was telling you about late - the one that I wished we had gone to... So yes, very relevant. Thanks for the trip.The article too is very interesting and inspiring. I love the fact that Toronto is such a star online :)... Anyway, thanks for alerting me to all of this. Makes me smile and feel happy to be here ....

On 6/11/05, selam yohannes <> wrote:
It was my pleasure to bring you along on the journey. btw, today I finished setting up patients at 11:25pm... the earliest I've ever been done. AND I started about 10 minutes later than I would normally. I'm getting faster. :) The only reason I mention it (other than I thing its cool) is cause I noticed you wrote to me shortly before I was done. I wish I'd checked my email sooner. :( anyway, It' sall kind of cool that the circle of folks is small (or maybe it's that I know key people). cause I went to school with Ngozi Paul, you with K-OS. (mind you those aren't exactly on the same level of fame). But I grew up with K-OS's girlfriend. The friend of that photoblogger guy is a guy I used to know from tea time at UC college, back in the day. And he covered both the bike thing (gone already eh?), that graffiti thing (which I realized was the thing you were talking about), and the Nike RunTO thing which was a fundraiser for U of T track. All thing of weird... btw, you didn't answer me... can I use the email as one of my blog entries?

On 6/11/05, x wrote:
sure - let the world now about the cool surf... i guess if you really want to you can use mine too... don't know why you'd want to though... Congrats on your set up time - yay Selam! - And i fell asleep pretty early last night - didn't get any work done :(... i kinda forgot my dad was coming over for a security consultation - it is now very difficult to break in to our place when we're here.... so anyway, he left at about 11, and i zonked out soon after. So I'm gonna be working hard today (maybe at the park?) and I wasn't sure about the times - would you rather go to the 4:50 or the 7:50? You can call me at home and if you don't get me, try my cell, kay? Hope that you sleep well. Talk to you later hun.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Broken non-promise...

Hey all,
Looks like the first week I failed at my non-promise ... sorry, it's not sunday but hey, I'm still going to write. So here it is, and the next one ... well, trying not to promise (cause I dont' know if I'll have the time Sunday) ... Monday I think.

Well, here's an interesting story.

So my friend was going home because her mom was flying to England to attend my friend mom's mother's funeral (i.e. my friend's grandma). It's about 30-45 minutes by car and long by train, not to mention that by train it's about $8 each way. My friend is a student, so to save time and some money for her (and maybe have some company) I offered to drive her. I had work that night (this was before work), but I had about 4 hours before I had to be there. I figured even in the worst possible rush hour traffic 4 hours would more than be enough. Well...

To by pass some of that rush hour traffic we decided to avoid the highway until just outside the city. Wouldn't you know it as the very part that we got on, there was a major major accident. During a friday evening rush hour, which also included those going to their cottage for the weekend... they closed the entire highway in the direction we were going. Needless to say, it took about 2.5 hours to travel about maybe 3 kilometres (that's about 2 miles for you Americans).

So, we decided to take the car at about 4:30pm, didn't start travelling until about 5:30pm. We got onto the highway part at about 6:15pm (we had stopped for a quick bite to eat). And it's wasn't until 8:50pm that we got off the very next exit... I had to be AT work at 8:30 to open for 9pm. So I called my co-worker, who lived about 10 minutes away for work, to go and let the patients in. I got to work at 9:15 though... so in the end I was fortunate enough to have a a great (and close living) co-worker, who happened to be home.

I felt bad for my friend though. Because I didn't really get her to her parents. She insisted that I go to work, while she called her family to pick her up. Of course I made sure she for sure had a ride before I left (I wasn't going to abanden her no matter how late I was for work, that's not so cool)... but anyway ... it was an ordeal and then some.

Tune in next time to hear about what happened the next morning after work. Boy I am really starting to hate driving.

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