Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rights & Responsibility

I was recently reading an article about a teen to got ganged up on and then stabbed to death ( link here).   The article concludes with a quote from an old lady.   Her theory, everyone is scared.  

"An elderly woman who refused to give her name had another theory. 'We have to live here - that's why nobody ever sees anything.... No one wants to get shot for something they weren't part of,' she said. 'And people may not understand that, but it's because they don't live here.'"

Now I grew up in a neighbourhood with a high density, and lots of immigration (read:not white).   This essentially ment it had a bad reputation.   Fights and stabbing were not unheard of.   Shootings, despite the reputation, never occurred (at least in the 13 years I lived there after getting to canada).   But a lot of the same mentality went on.   You didn't get involved, it wasn't your business.   The main reason was the same reason the old lady stated, fear.  

Frankly it's a lot of garage.  

It's the same thing as what happened in Germany in World War 2.   As one group after another was slowly taken, other groups remained silent for fear of something bad happening to them.   In that case they were probably right, but in the end, it cost them their lives anyway.   I'm sure some of you read that famous quote from a pastor/priest (to paraphrase badly:when they came for the jews, homosexuals, black I did not speak up, so when they came for me, there was no one there to speak for me)

It's the idea of Responsibility.  

In modern society, we like to make sure we get our "rights".   We make sure of this.   We will fight to the death for "our rights". 

[Aside: I had an argument once with a dog owner who, when told to keep the lease of his dog shorter (he had an unending leash with his dog 20 feet away in a park where a bunch of us were running hard) started yelling about his "rights".   He had a relatively small dog, on a very thin, black leash, that was stretched out 20 feet.   Nearly impossible to see in the twilight.   To prevent trouble, I ask if he could keep his leash shorter, because frankly if a bunch of track runner ran into the leash, it would be the dog that would be hurt, not us.   I was appealling to his sense of caring for his dog.   Of course he screams "my right" over and over.   He seemed to care more about rights, then his dog's health.]

And frankly in that neighbourhood, just like mine, responsibility has to come in.   Are they saying that not one person could make an anonymous call to the police?   The reason these problems keep occurring is because no one wants to speak up.  

Sure they are not obligated to do anything.   But frankly, if one of these people gets attacked in the future by these same assilants, they had contributed to their own demise.

Ultimately, what if that had been their own son?   Or even if that had been them?   If that man that didn't do anything, ended up finding out it was his brother's son (hypothetically)... what would he say to his brother?  

"It wasn't my business?"  

Please.   It's all our business.   Take your responsibility.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cute Overload

Wow talk about Cute Overload.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a letter summary everyday...

Sunday July 2nd 2006
I know i said I didn't do that much this day, which is true, but there was one thing I ... okay a couple, worth mentioning.  First I had cleaned up the front poarch in front of the couch, while chatting with my roommate   It's nicer to sit there now (there was a lot of stuff from the tree) ... i happen to find a dollar as i did so :) yeay me!    Anyway, as I was chatting with Kristina I we started to talk about kids, adoption, marriage (hopes, wishes and possible dreams each of us has, some advice I've heard.   As we talked of adoption, sponsoring a kid came up, and I expressed my intent to sponsor a kid.  Specifically in one village in Eritrea, and as I got more money I would sponsor more from the same village.   Maybe if I had enough to sponsor the whole village itself.   I figured one kid is $30 a month, which isn't too bad, a dollar a day.   And I realized that I would rather do that instead of get a cell phone.   A significantly better use of money I think.   Anyway, I left it there...

Monday July 3rd 2006
Finished reading the Terry Brooks book (from the Running with Demon series, Angel Fire East).  I like this one a lot.   Very good reading, and well written and thoughout.   I dare say almost as good as his first few books.   Not as long, but definatly well though out.   Perhaps a bit more predictable, but not too much.   And it leaves it open for more to follow.   I like where the series is going, that's fo sho.   You guys should read it.   Still prefer the pure fantasy stuff he's done (you know, elves, gnomes, and such) but it was great none the less.  But all that reading hurt my eyes... immediatly after I went for my run (it was already getting late, between getting up very late, reading a lot and such).  

As I went for my run, it hit me, I know the perfect village to sponsor (or at least for now a village from which I can pick a kid)!   Quazine.   It's the village I have pictures of where my dad's side of the family comes from.   I know there are kids there that don't go to school, and sponsoring them, would seem right.   I come from there, who better to help them out?   One thing I know that all Eritreans have learned is that there is no such thing as 'not responsible'.   We are all responsible for all the others... :)   So that is why I bothered to mention yesterday's stuff, I thought it related.  

After that, relaxed a bit, did some abs and then went to the bloor cinema with Hugh to see "V for Vendetta".   That was a great movie.  Loved it.   You should see it if you haven't already.  

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A letter summary everyday...

I've been writing a brief summary (some days briefer than others) about my dayz this past week. It's actually not that hard. So to catch up a bit, i'll post the first few days at once. Enjoy!

Tuesday June 27th 2006 / Wednesday June 28th 2006
11:30 - My friend show up at my place as we are about to have a house meeting with my roomies. I'm excited to see her before she leaves for a metitation retreat, but sad that I may have to cut it short (cause I couldn't skip out).
12:30 - Meeting ends, I still meet up with my very very patient friend (I'm very very grateful she stayed), we chat a bit, hang out a bit, and eventually we head out to the bus stop (she's been out all day shopping and saying bye to another friend who was also leaving town).
2:15 - We eat at Pizza Gigi's, see Frank Muinez (sp?) of Malcom in the Middle, notice his lack of height, after I say hello and head to the bus stop.
3:16 - After walking, chatting, and some feet massage the bus comes (my mom used to force me to massage her feet when I was a kid, consequently, as much as I absolutely hated massaging and washing her feet, that talent is useful when a certain (flat-footed) friend has soar feet from walking about all day long... plus as Matthew McConaughey could tell you, it's a hit with all the ladies... but (sg/i + h)*2 I had to say goodbye. :(

After much sadness and book reading, i go to bed. Wake up, lounge out, do laundry, surf internet, watch the Hulk, and get ready for track, bible study and work.

Track workout went good, the progress back to aggressive is coming along very well so far.

Thursday June 29th 2006
7:30 Go home, finish the hulk, stupidly turn the computer on, surf before going to bed very late.
Afternoon/Evening - Get up and get ready for work, go to bar with Signy and Meg where we send off Megan for the month (she is going to be a camp counsillor of a academic summer camp). After some decent Nachos and bad coke at Rowers (it's a surprise that one can make coke bad, really) I run off to work. The run, about an hour, feels pretty good even though the last two days have been very hard.

Friday June 30th 2006
After running to the subway, I make my way over to TWH for rounds, I find myself at Yonge station at about 8:13 as the train pulls up. Figuring I have 14 minutes once i get spadina, to go home, get bike and go there, figure that's a good bet. After all, running home would take max 5 min, with streetcar coming right away, I figured save some running and maybe time. Well, wouldn't you know it, for the first time ever the streetcar I'm on, has sudden unexpected power problems. Can't get off, but not going anywhere either. There goes my time, 10 wonderful minutes wasted (did i mention that was just to pull away?) And the second time in a row I had problems with TTC on the way to rounds from work? (sg/i + h)

Rounds were very interesting, too bad I was late... damn TTC... apparently the main board (for sleep standards) just made MAJ0R changes to how things are scored. First time since it's inception in 1968. I HAD to be late to this one eh? Missed only first 10 minutes fortunately, but not the end of the world, changes like this will have to be discussion in our lab anyway. Dr. Shapiro mentioned another one of his Masters students has gone off and been accepted to Medical school, making this the "x"th time (can't remember the number he said) that has happens (he proclaimed proudly). Then, putting me on the spot, he asks if I have ever invited anyone from my lab to these rounds? :) Considering the former Medical director (and my head boss) and now the current Medical Director, work at my lab, it's a funny question. Of course, I know he means the techs... :) Yes, of course I have :).

After all that, I approach him after the rounds and discuss a few things. I think he likes the fact that I was working with him before I got the job i now have. It seems to surpass any sorta politics that may otherwise develop. :) I ask him about doing a Masters, options and possible undergrad. I get the same type of responce as from the other one at the lab. Don't waste your time with undergrad, a MSc, is a MSc, and it's just a matter of figuring out how. He discussion some possibilities, and I ask to have further discussion at other times... he's good with that. :)

Whew... and that was just the morning! :)

Go home, try to call Ib and figure out if he wants to see Superman, talk a long time, while watching Germany beat Argetina :) Slept late, missed a bank 6pm deadline... barely made Critical Mass. Don't see Levi, but as we ride through Kensington Market, who should happen to be just leaving for a bike ride...(a friend whom I met at another friend's birthday party! A salsa instructor he is.) How wild and convinient, I see a few others I know. Have fun, mostly, see a car driver hit a bicycle, in front of a cop... who proceeds to tell everyone to just leave (which is against the law!!!). He happen to be there to man traffic at a construction site. I tell the officer off, without swearing or demeaning of course, but frankly telling him that he is required by law to report the accident. And that I was oing to report him. Damn right I am, officer badge 3662. At about 7:30 at the intersection of Richmond and Bay. After more riding, ended up at kensington, chilled for a while, went home.

Saturday and Sunday nothing much happened, except I prayed a lot for a friend of mine, whom I've worried about, watched too much of tv, and spend too much time on the internet. At least France beat Brazil. Afrofest I found out is next Saturday and Sunday I can't wait it's usually hip-hopin'.

Note: 1 - Check out these two links with more pics from Critical Mass, I'm in both of these as well: link1, link2
2 - that formula you saw, use algebra and logic and see if you can figure it out... :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Funny Dilbert

I saw this and it made me laugh. Check it out.